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No Excuse!

No Excuse!

This is part two of her furious ballusting and punishment lesson! Her male slave comes with a stupid excuse, so she whips the bad behavior literally out of him... Then again her favorite punishment for male slave, that is lots of hard kicks in the bollocks!

Length 10 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Female Interrogation Team

Female Interrogation Team

She does this quite often, letting her anger out on a ugly black man! The sadistic snow white girl in sexy thong underwear punch him hard in the stomach or slap his masked face... but it is even more painful for her black slave victim when she got his balls on a string... she slap his nuts and at the end she kick them merciless with her pointy high heels!
All that while holding the balls up by the leash.

Length 9:12 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Old School Discipline!

Old School Discipline!

Mistress Sophia knows exactly how to discipline reluctant, unwilling young boys. In this hopeless case she canes his ass hard, grab him by the balls to give them a good caning. Being beaten by a beautiful and very dominant young Lady makes his cock hard in no time...  this pervert always gets excited when he is in the hands of a Dominant Lady! Getting a hard on while being punished must be punished even harder, thinks this cruel Mistress. So she gives his sticking out big dick a few brutal strokes with the cane and a hard beating with her hand. The proof of her cruelty are nasty bruises and marks on his cock. His boner got literally beaten black and blue... and to finish him off for the day, she kicked him merciless in the balls!

Length 10:25 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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Hard Ballbusting in Pantyhose

Hard Ballbusting in Pantyhose

Very sexy pantyhose and transparent top. But impossible for a man to get a hard on when being kicked in the balls relentless. The cruel Lady has no mercy at all and kicks him in the entire video. His stinging pain in the nut sack is just an amusement for her!

Length 7 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Female Domination!

Female Domination!

She got him by the balls. She pulls and squeezes them in the most painful way. She takes one of her high heel shoes off to beat them even further, until they got badly hurt!!! She just don't care and laughs at him as he falls down after a very heavy kick in the tied up nuts.

Length 6:14 minutes. MP4 + WMV Full HD. ©

Ballbusting Performance

Ballbusting Performance

In this video she is first naked on high heels, then she performs a rehearsal for a ballbusting show tonight. She is not sure if she shall do it nude on stage or with one of the sexy outfits laying on her sofa. So she first kicks her personal ballbusting slave in the balls in eve's costume! Then she put on one dress after the other, sometimes it seems you are only inches away from her naked body as she changing the skimpy outfits. She checks it in the mirror, kick him hard in the bollocks many times, with each dress to test how useful they are for ballbusting and not hindering her legs at swift kicking. So this poor guy get so many brutal kicks in the balls that it seems she want him finish off before the show even starts! You can see her many times in this video changing clothes, nude and at the end again full nude ballbusting. She also use her hairbrush for cock and ball beating. Every time she floors him with an extra hard kick she laughs out loud, seems she has a lot of fun with her new stage performance.Length 14:25 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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