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Video Clip Update: The next please!

A malingerer gets a ruthless ball busting. After she noticed that he made fake complaints just to be touched at his testicles by a female doctor! At checkup she touches the balls slightly, then as soon as she knows he his a fraud she squeezes them brutally. She gives him plenty hard face slaps and many brutal kicks in the testicles. When he's leaving his balls hurt like hell...
Length 8 minutes.

The next please!The next please!The next please!

Video Clip Update: Men who refuse to do housework...

...get the ultimate punishment! While sitting on him she uses different home cleaning and cooking tools to beat up his balls!
Then she stomps them and stands with her full weight and high heels on his bruised nuts! They seem to pop anytime.
She takes her shoes off to poke it into the wounded flesh, stands again on his manhood and finish him off by a few deadly ball kicks.
Quite a treatment for a man with chauvinistic attitude. His balls look like a big mess and real battered when she is finished with him!
Warning: This video will make your balls ache, just by watching!
Length 12:53 minutes.

Men who refuse to do housework...Men who refuse to do housework...Men who refuse to do housework...

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