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Abused Nude Cleaner

Abused Nude Cleaner

Every now and then she orders a man from the nude cleaner agency. She is not only watching him cleaning her kitchen naked, the main reason for this horny lady is to abuse his cock with a wooden spoon, watch him masturbate and kicking his boner with her high heels. She makes a selfie with his cock for her cock photo collection. Stomp and squeeze his genitals with her high heel shoes. She eats a big banana for teasing and cock comparison. Finally she force him to jerk off in front of her and watching his sperm squirting on her kitchen floor. After cumming she ruins his orgasm by forcing him to lick his own sperm off from the dirty kitchen floor while she kicks his body with her high heels.

Length 8:34 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Those Brutal Kicks

Those Brutal Kicks

Hot teasing with her naked shaved crotch and beautiful ass cheeks. She use his stiff cock as a hanger for her skirt, then she kicks it away again. More tease and denial by  masturbating him, rubbing her legs  on his manhood... this makes his cock hard in no time. Perfect for being abused by this horny sadistic girl. She kicks him many times brutal in the balls!

Length 7:16 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Herrin Silvia - your ball sack is mine!

Herrin Silvia - your ball sack is mine!

She really abuse his testicle sack cruelly in this video. She thinks that especially this danglin part of the male body is ideal to punish, abuse and dominate him. She enjoys most hard ball kicking, squeezing and slapping.

Length 10 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

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My nuts hurt like hell!

My nuts hurt like hell!

She force this male bitch to open his legs wide for an extreme painful lesson. It seems she want to castrate him by ball abuse!  She grab his nuts, squeeze and punch them endless times with all her might, they get many times stomped with the tip of her high heels and they get kicked as well. No wonder they get more and more red and swollen. She doesn't care if they get permanently damaged!

Length 6:14 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

This Naked Mistress...

This Naked Mistress...

...kicked the cum out of my balls!!!

She kicked him so hard in the balls that his cum is flying through the air, it seems that it even hit the viewer... Yes this is hard ballbusting and - at the end - cumming with a huge amount of sperm while being constantly kicked in the balls!!! In-between the brutal ball kicking, she forced him to masturbate in front of her and show her his big dick, bring him two times to the edge of an orgasm, then slap his dick for tease and denial, before she continues to t*rture his balls by kicking them again hard with her high heels. She does not stop the kicking after cumming, it seems she want to kick the last drop out of his sore manhood...

Length 6 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

The Subtenant

The Subtenant

This female landlord is as sexy as brutal. She walks around all day in a hot black pantyhose, high heels, without a skirt. When she finds out that her subtenant watches dirty videos, where women get t*rtured, she could not resist to teach him a lesson in female domination! She force him to wear a mask and take all his clothes off. She let him do exercises with weights, clamped on his nuts. She even kick them, regardless of the iron clamps still hanging on his ball. After she ripped them off, ruthless and extreme painful for him, she give him much more kicks in his bollocks!

Length 12:12 minutes. WMV Full HD. ©

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