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Video Clip Update: Please give me more!

She really brings him to beg for hard hits on his cock! She not hesitating to hit his cock several times real hard, she even makes him beg for more and more hard hits... No wonder his cock got several nasty bruises on it at the end.

Please give me more!Please give me more!Please give me more!

Classic Video Update: 6 videos of cruel Ladies Estelle and Patrizia added to the members area!

In the new and higher quality mp4 format.

"Abused by two women 1" video length 12 minutes, "Abused by two women 2" video length 13 minutes, "Female Aggressions 1" video length 12:44 minutes, "Female Aggressions 2" video length 7:15 minutes, "The Ladies Plaything" video length 14 minutes, "Waiting on them with aching balls!" video length 15 minutes.

The Ladies PlaythingFemale Aggressions 2Abused by two women 2
Abused by two women 1Waiting on them with aching balls!Female Aggressions 1

Video Clip Update: I kick your sins away!

With his still tied up cock, filled with blood, almost popping and turning darker every second, she starts to kick his exposed bollocks. She is doing this with appropriate ruthlessness and all her might! After endless hard and brutal ball kicks he falls down on the floor and feels like he has arrived in hell already!

I kick your sins away!I kick your sins away!I kick your sins away!

Video Clip Update: Forced to cum after wrestling!

Even when when she beats up his balls during a wrestling match she wants his cock being stiff and erected! And she knows when she beats up his cock the perverts penis gets bigger and bigger... Then she tells him that she wants to give him a harder handjob than usual. She beat his cock hard right at cumming! Getting angry about his too early cumming she not only beats his cock but occasionally his balls very hard...

Length 6 minutes.

Forced to cum after wrestling!Forced to cum after wrestling!Forced to cum after wrestling!

Video Clip Update: Grabbed and punished!

A prowler gets a brutal face slapping and ball kicking right in the stairwell. Then in the last minute, before anyone noticed, she drags him into her t*rture chamber and punishes him further by ball squeezing, face slapping and corporal whipping punishment.

Length 10 minutes.

Grabbed and punished!Grabbed and punished!Grabbed and punished!

Movie Update: Mistress Rose - Perverted - Complete Movie

A treatment for a perverse man with lots of teasing and much more denying! She force him to lay down on the bed, legs open, just to beat his cock and balls! Then she orders him to stand up, expose his balls for a brutal kicking of his dangling manhood. Then on the bed again she gives him a painful ball slapping while exposing her beautiful legs to him. All with a lot of verbal abuse as well. At the end he get rude handjob in the shower. That means she kicks him hard in the balls just to test if his cock remain stiff and is able to cum with all  this brutal kicks! She just laughs at the sight of his dripping cock and aching balls!
Length 25:28 minutes.

Mistress Rose - Perverted - Complete MovieMistress Rose - Perverted - Complete MovieMistress Rose - Perverted - Complete Movie

Video Clip Update: Men who refuse to do housework...

...get the ultimate punishment! While sitting on him she uses different home cleaning and cooking tools to beat up his balls! Then she stomps them and stands with her full weight and high heels on his bruised nuts! They seem to pop anytime. She takes her shoes off to poke it into the wounded flesh, stands again on his manhood and finish him off by a few deadly ball kicks. Quite a treatment for a man with chauvinistic attitude. His balls look like a big mess and real battered when she is finished with him! Warning: This video will make your balls ache, just by watching! Length 12:53 minutes.

Men who refuse to do housework...Men who refuse to do housework...Men who refuse to do housework...

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Ruthless TherapistCum Under Her Whip And Lick It Off From The FloorKick those swollen nuts
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I Make Your Balls AcheAs hard as can beLook at my nylons when...

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