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Can you squirt on my pantyhose like this Sperm Monster?

New Update Can you squirt on my pantyhose like this Sperm Monster?

She tease him first with her fully transparent pantyhose and she wants to see him masturbate and cum in front of her. So she counts down but instead at zero because of his excitement he cums earlier and shoot an unbelievable amount of cum right on her pantyhose... so she punishes him cruelly by beating up his manhood hard and brutal until it's shriveled up again! Then she asks you in the video if you could satisfy her and cum right at zero, even when you know what happens when not...

Length 8:30 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Watch my shaking boobs as I hit you straight in your face!

Watch my shaking boobs as I hit you straight in your face!

Watch her big tits bouncing around when she hit him left and right in the face. Then she humiliates him and punishes his balls as well by ruthless squeezing and pulling them around.

Length 11:22 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Extreme cock and ball abuse!

Extreme cock and ball abuse!

The ruthless girl pulls the tight leash on his cock and balls to beat and whip the genitals ruthless. She sits on his face with her open crotch to t*rture his manhood further. She pulls the rope up to let the heavy man hang on his genitals... Then she takes him in the bathroom, eager to kick him in his sore, swollen bollocks!

Length 12 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Doggy Gets The Cock T*rtured!

Doggy Gets The Cock T*rtured!

Two cruel women use their property for their sadistic amusement. The slaveboy is totally naked outdoor in the cold weather while the woman are dressed in sexy Mistresses lingerie and leather outfits. He get the cock burned by the cigarette,  kicked a few times hard in the balls and endless verbal humiliation. One teases him with her open breasts while the other deviously holds him back by a firm ball grip. Unfortunately for him he is not able to cum in front of two sadistic woman, so they decide to t*rture his cock further because he is not man enough to cum and amuse them with his squirting sperm. So both women slap his cock many times with all their might!

Length 10:38 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Who will it be?

Who will it be?

First and main part of the video is a rude ballbusting of two male slaves. To find out who is the best for her next ladies party she t*rtures their balls in various ways. Evil grabbing, twisting and beating. The hardest to take for them of course is the ruthless kicking in the manhood by this cruel lady. Her favorite is the one who get several times a tremendous hard on at watching her legs, stockings and high heels as she pulls her dress up for a better kicking. The cock remains hard even while she kick him in his swollen ball sack...

Length 14:40 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Rapture - Bad game for a muscle worshiper

Rapture - Bad game for a muscle worshiper

Starting with verbal humiliation as he pulls down his pants in front of her. She laughs at him and his little penis. She let him worship her muscular legs before she ties up his little manhood. Rubbing his tiny manhood on her strong legs and using her biceps like a vice to squeeze them. She let him touch and worship her big biceps, in-between he get some rude head punches and more squeezing of his bollocks with her gloved hand. Then after ass worshiping, touching and kissing it's her turn by kicking him in the balls...

Length 11:16 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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