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Hell on earth!

A big and heavy bottle full of water dangling on his bollocks as she whips his ass merciless. The first whip is not painful enough for her taste so she uses her other more painful whip. The devious Mistress quite often kicks the heavy weight dangling on his manhood to let it swing up and down to str*ngle his genitals and to inflict unbearable pain on his front side as well!
Length 13 minutes. ©
Hell on earth!Hell on earth!Hell on earth!

Get Me Some Big Nuts!

She grabs his bull sized bollocks, squeeze and beat them just for fun! She humiliates him by spitting his food on the floor and she let him eat from the floor. Further humiliation and laughing at him by comparing his small penis to a banana. She let him suck the banana. You can see the fear in his eyes when she kicks him in the balls. After that she let him watch kicking her other slave boy hard and brutal in the balls. Now even more scared, he feels like running away but she would not allow any disobedience. She kicks him again right where it hurts most! At the end two slaves are left with aching balls.

Length 11:20 minutes. ©

Get Me Some Big Nuts!Get Me Some Big Nuts!Get Me Some Big Nuts!

Those hits by a cruel woman!

She hold his manhood in a vice to t*rture and beat it. Then she hits the balls with a heavy bottle full of water. Regardless of the nasty pain inflicting on his bollocks. She also practicing her feared, brutal kicks in the balls with her high heels!
Length 9 minutes. ©

Those hits by a cruel woman!Those hits by a cruel woman!Those hits by a cruel woman!

Have A Little Fun!

She has a lot of fun with his tied up nuts. Seeing a man helpless when she got him by the balls... she could castrate him in no time, just by pulling the rope a little harder... She decided that it's more fun to slap his helpless testicles and whip his genitals brutally... His helpless nuts dangling and bounces under her brutal beatings.
Length 8:45 minutes.

Have A Little Fun!Have A Little Fun!Have A Little Fun!

Old School Discipline - Full Movie - Hardcore Punishment!

Mistress Sophia Black, who is also a teacher in real life, knows exactly how to discipline reluctant, unwilling young boys. In this hopeless case she canes his ass hard, grab him by the balls to give them a good caning. Being beaten by a beautiful and very dominant young lady makes his cock hard in no time... Of course she can not stand for that and gives his sticking out hard on a few brutal strokes with her cane and with her hand. Nasty bruises appear on his aching cock. To really finish him off, she kicks him ruthless and sadistically in the balls. Then follows jerking off in the classroom and classroom humiliation! She force him to masturbate his bruised cock in front of her. Even with a aching hard on, the horny boy is cumming too quick. She punishs him by caning is already maltreated cock again, squeezing and slapping his balls, careless inspecting of his cock bruises... Length 19:20 minutes. ©

Old School Discipline - Full Movie!Old School Discipline - Full Movie!Old School Discipline - Full Movie!

20 Punches in the Balls!

Before he gets his final 20 ultra hard punches in the nuts, she gives him a merciless ass caning, leaving deep red marks on his backside. Then she warms him up with brutal kicks in the balls wearing her short sexy outfit. By tying up his genitals, the dangling bollocks are a even better target for her ruthless punches. At the end she inspects his purple, bruised nuts.
Length 10:55 minutes. ©

20 Punches in the Balls!20 Punches in the Balls!20 Punches in the Balls!

Merciless whipping and trampling!

She stands with her full weight on his back and whips him merciless. Then she let him roll around for a extreme painful ball whipping. Then she stands again on his breast, tramples him and digs her high heels into his flesh.
Length 11:27 minutes. ©

Merciless whipping and trampling!Merciless whipping and trampling!Merciless whipping and trampling!

He Cums - Just by the sight...

...of his Mistress when she touches his cock with her whip! That's right after she has beaten the crap out of a other naked male slave! But as he cums with his balls in a humbler and sticking out hard on between iron bars, she punishes him right away and cruelly by whipping his cumming penis and kicking him in his wedged bollocks... At the end she pushes his head in his own cum.
Length 11 minutes. ©

He Cums - Just by the sight...He Cums - Just by the sight...He Cums - Just by the sight...

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