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Slave Trading Movie

Two ladies are making a deal. One is selling her slave to the other. They have a lot of fun negotiating a proper price. They lead him around by the testicle chain while slapping his hard on merciless. They pull the balls out between his legs and slap them ruthless.
The cruel girls visit each other for having fun with the slave. They paint a target on his private parts and deliver kicks by kicks right into his balls. His dangling hard on gets a lot of painful beating as well.
Length 16 minutes.

Slave Trading MovieSlave Trading MovieSlave Trading Movie
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Thrashed Bollocks - Complete Destruction!

She first delivers his unusual big sized balls a ruthless kicking. She orders him to let them dangle in front of her, then she not hesitating to brutally kick them. Sometimes left, right repeatedly to inflict as much pain as possible on his elephants testicles sized balls...
His already big balls got even bigger and swollen after she treated him badly, but now it gets worse for him! She slaps and beats them like crazy, tie them up and canes them in a evil and sadistic way. The bruises bloom on his huge bollocks in no time!
Length 18 minutes.

Thrashed Bollocks - Complete Destruction!Thrashed Bollocks - Complete Destruction!Thrashed Bollocks - Complete Destruction!
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My Most Sadistic Punishment Movie!

Only the most hardest and most sadistic scenes in one large movie.
She kicks his slaves with her big boots and punching the nuts even harder than she use to do with a punching ball!!!
Only seeing is believing, when she hurts her slaves in various sadistic ways. Like beating the nuts by swinging a heavy ball in sock, then hit the bollocks many times full force! Or kick her other slave brutal between his legs after he shot a huge amount of sperm on her boots!
Length 18 minutes.

My Most Sadistic Punishment Movie!My Most Sadistic Punishment Movie!My Most Sadistic Punishment Movie!
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Punished - Right where it hurts!

She let him lick her feet and shoes, ridicules and punishes him by face slapping and kicks in his nuts. But that was just the beginning. She starts to kick him full force in the balls and just laughing when he falls down on the floor, holding his hurting balls... She let him clean the floor while brutal whipping his back... Then the real punishing starts by endless hard kicks in the balls. Just watching will make your balls ache!
Length 11 minutes.

Punished - Right where it hurts!Punished - Right where it hurts!Punished - Right where it hurts!
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Slave Boy Abused! - The Complete Movie

She abuse him for her cruel tease and denial games. Just laughing and telling him his big cock is not big enough for her. She beats his hard on very brutal with her hand, hairbrush or whip until it's shriveled up again! She also kicks him in the bollocks, slaps him in the face and punishes his cock again cruelly after he managed to squirt a few drops on the floor,in front of her and under all those beatings!!!
Length 20:50 minutes.

Slave Boy Abused! - The Complete MovieSlave Boy Abused! - The Complete MovieSlave Boy Abused! - The Complete Movie
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Lady Boss

There is not much patience with failures here! Right on the street she slaps him in the face and the same but even harder when they are in the elevator. In her office the real punishment starts with evil and brutal treatment of his bollocks. She indeed beats and squeezes those nuts like hell!

Lady BossLady BossLady Boss
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No Mercy! - The Complete Movie

Endless brutal kicking, stomping, punching and beating from the beginning until the end of this video. With her strong, long and toned legs and high heels she kicks him brutal in the nuts, force him down on the floor, stomps his bollocks, sits on him while beating his bouncing testicles like crazy...
In the second part she uses a vice and full bottle to t*rture his balls. Full swing hits of a full bottle in the balls and kicking the nuts while he has a vice on his genitals to make the t*rture even harder...

Mistress Rose - No MercyMistress Rose - No MercyMistress Rose - No Mercy
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Kicked for behavior correction

Indeed this slave needs hard kicks in the balls to discipline him. that is exactly what he gets here, constantly hard kicks in his nuts until breakdown!

Kicked for behavior correctionKicked for behavior correctionKicked for behavior correction
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While he is tied up and legs wide open, constant stomping and abusing of his nuts makes him scream with pain. She also stands on his groin with her full weight. At the end she takes the opportunity and gives his exposed balls a extra hard slapping. Copyright © BallBustingChicks.Com. MP4 file format.

I Stomp His Nuts Like Crazy!I Stomp His Nuts Like Crazy!I Stomp His Nuts Like Crazy!
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Alani and Friend - The Complete Movie!

This movie contains all the best of Female Domination, Corporal Punishment and Ballbusting of two sadistic ladies!
Length 40 minutes. Copyright © BallBustingChicks.Com. MP4 file format. Note: Very large file of 1.6 GByte!

Alani and Friend - The Complete Movie!Alani and Friend - The Complete Movie!Alani and Friend - The Complete Movie!
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